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Auto Insurance for Today’s Drivers

Auto Insurance

Legally, in order to drive on the road in Massachusetts, you need auto insurance. If you don't know how much coverage, collision, and comprehensive insurance protection you need to safeguard yourself and your vehicle, you may be spending too much for far too little.

At Connell & Curley Insurance, we're dedicated to helping you protect yourself by finding the most competitive insurance rates to determine the right amount of auto insurance for your unique needs! We’ve helped thousands of clients over our 50+ years in the business – from young first-time drivers to working professionals and senior citizens. We offer auto insurance for every stage of life and the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protected when you’re behind the wheel.

More than Just Salespeople

As independent insurance agents in the Commonwealth, we’re not centralized salespeople. We are your friends and neighbors and we know the hazards of the road.

Ice, traffic, bad weather, worse drivers – we can do more for you because we live here too! Connell & Curley will accurately assess your unique driver characteristics, provide real-time quotes and coverage recommendations, and eliminate complicated forms for you as we guide you through the entire insurance process.

We’ll even take you through automobile coverage selections, limits, deductibles, and specialized layers of enhanced or modified protections that are tailored to your needs.  We are ready to educate, provide proposal options, and compare quotes/choices to assist you in reaching the optimal result.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Massachusetts is consistently near the top ten most expensive states in the U.S. for auto insurance. That's the bad news.

The good news is: Connell & Curley can help you find all your potential discounts to get your price as low as possible!

If you have a safe driving record, if you have a Home/Condo or Tenants Policy, or if you are loss free, you will be rewarded with lower premiums. Other potential premium discounts are given out as well for scenarios such as:

  • Good Grades
  • Driving A Hybrid Or Alternative-Fuel Vehicle
  • Shopping Early
  • Mature Drivers
  • Low Mileage
  • Renewal Credits
  • Multiple Vehicles
  • We, like many insurance companies, believe you deserve a break on auto insurance costs and we strive to find you companies that offer such well-deserved breaks!

Motorcycle Insurance

You bought that big toy, and are looking forward to some recreational riding down the back roads of the Bay State! Well, before you jump on that pedal, you'll need motorcycle insurance. At Connell & Curley Insurance, we'll help you compare motorcycle insurance rates and choose the one which fits your specific needs.

For more information about the type of unrivaled auto and motorcycle insurance options we can offer, or to speak to one of our associates concerning your personalized policy, please call us at 508-655-1112.