Insurance Agents in Natick, MA

Whether you're looking to insure your business or you are in need of life insurance, the agents at Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc. are here to help. We have years of experience and training in the field, helping all types of clients receive the right coverage. We look forward to putting this expertise to work for you.

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency is located at 19 West Central Street in Natick, Massachusetts, just west of downtown Natick on Route 135. We are easy to find, right off of Route 9 or the Mass Pike. We have parking available.

Our Team Represents 129 Years of Tenure

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc. has been in business for over 50 years, and together, our insurance agents represent 129 years of tenure. This means that when you contact us, even just to ask a question, you'll speak to a professional who has invested years in the business. Members of our staff are also actively involved in the local community. We support TCAN, TEDxNatick, Natick Center Associates, and many local charities including Natick Service Council. Our staff participation ranges from serving on the Agents Council to advise our partner insurance carriers, serving on national boards of directors for insurance industry software vendors, volunteering their time to charities supporting veterans and the American Cancer Society, organizing events for special needs people in our local community, recreating the Amazing Race challenges here in Natick, volunteering at their Alma Maters and churches, and contributing to our local Chamber of Commerce. You can reach everyone via TEXTING (508) 470-0053 or by

Dedicated to Providing Value for Our Clients

In the insurance business, we deal with two types of value: the monetary value covered by your policy, and the emotional value of knowing that you, your business, and your family will be provided for in times of need. Partnering with Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc. offers additional peace of mind because you can insure your car, home, life, health, and business all with the same team of experienced agents. For a streamlined insurance process, and agents dedicated to finding the optimal level of coverage for you, Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc. is the right choice every time.
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Portrait of Alfred Connell, founder of Connell & Curley Insurance Agency in Natick, MA

Alfred Connell | Founder