Connell & Curley Insurance Is the Smart Choice

Why Us

At Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, the most important part of our business is, and always has been, serving our customers. We go the extra mile in everything we do - from helping you decide how much insurance you need, to filing and tracking a claim until it's settled.

Focused on Service to Our Clients

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency Inc is a family of professional licensed insurance agents who care about you – our valued client. As independent agents, we can help you decide which insurance company you want to sign up with and work with your budget to decide upon the best coverage for your unique needs.

Securing the Right Amount of Coverage

When we first get in contact with you (either by email, phone or in person), we will ask you specific questions to start the insurance process off in the right way. This is to determine what types of insurance you will need, and how much it will cost you over time. We will help you decide which insurance company is best to meet your specific needs, and will work to find the optimal solution for you.

Handling Your Insurance Claim

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency will file all of your paperwork and keep your records up-to-date in our computerized system. If your insurance information is needed at any time for an insurance claim, we’ll be able to readily retrieve it, and handle all the details to give you the experience you deserve.

Is Your Changing Lifestyle Covered by Enough Insurance?

As your personal insurance agent, you should expect to hear from us at least once a year, if not more. This is because we actively review your insurance coverage. This kind of contact with you keeps your insurance up to-date with the changes in your life.

Going the Extra Mile in Service for Clients

Finally, we are known to go the extra mile in service for our clients. Why? Because we value you as our client. After all, once you sign on with us, you become part of our Connell & Curley Insurance family!

Examples of Extra Services (Auto Insurance):

  • A runner service to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for auto insurance clients
  • Interpretation of the rules and regulations of the Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Updates about changes in the auto insurance laws
  • In-office Checkpoint Auto Inspections (for auto insurance clients)
  • And more...

Before you sign on the dotted line, we want you to fully understand your insurance policies and the coverage you are buying. Let Connell & Curley Insurance explain your insurance coverage in easy-to-understand terms, and give you the experience you deserve. Call us at 508-470-0053 for more information.