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Your search for ideal insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. When you have a trusted expert like Connell Curley Insurance Agency, Inc. in Natick, MA, by your side, the process is easier than ever. We are a local company with the capabilities of a national chain. Serving homeowners and businesses of every size, we offer the right insurance services from the top providers in the industry at prices that will fit your budget. Whether you are looking for superior insurance products for your home or autos, or you need total coverage to protect your local business or corporation, Connell& Curley is here for you. Contact us today for more information, or schedule a mobile visit to discuss all of your options. 

A Broad Range of Insurance Services

Our insurance agency has been in business for more than 50 years. In that time, we have perfected our skills and insurance process to provide the guidance and options our clients need.  We understand insurance coverage can be a complex matter without the right experts looking out for you. That is why we take great care to stay up-to-date on all changes in policy for almost every type of insurance, as well as government mandates for the state of Massachusetts. By doing so, we can protect what is most valuable to you through modern insurance offerings, including:   

  • Auto Insurance: You may have an excellent driving record. But unfortunately, the Bay State is not known for its superb drivers. To safeguard yourself and your vehicle, you need top-quality insurance that can save you thousands on repairs and lawsuits in the case of an accident. Our agency has the insurance services you need, whether you drive a commercial truck, motorcycle, or personal vehicle. We can help you stay safe out on the road.  
  • Business Insurance: Your business is your livelihood, your passion, and your life’s work. Why put it in jeopardy by neglecting your insurance? Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, Inc. can find the ideal insurance coverage for your enterprise, no matter the type or size of your business. Our agents will work with you, one on one, to discern what type of coverage suits you best then recommend options that will keep you covered in any scenario.
  • Health Insurance: Without your health, nothing else matters. So when you get sick or injured, it is even more important to have the right type of insurance coverage to handle everything from medical bills to hospital expenses, surgery to in-home care. Our agency offers personalized attention and assessment for your medical needs. Once we have all the facts, we can recommend the best health insurance coverage available to ensure you, your loved ones, and your employees are financially secure while you recover.
  • Life Insurance:A death in the family is always difficult. Not only do you lose someone you love, but now there are issues of burial costs, liability, and outstanding debt to consider. The right life insurance helps to alleviate your worries and give you peace of mind in your time of grief. Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you get the right insurance coverage to protect yourself against loss of life and obtain the resources you need to carry on.  
  • Home Insurance: Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your life. You need to protect that investment against fire, flood, theft, and other calamities with insurance that works. Our homeowner’s insurance policies cut through the noise and safeguard your home with exceptional, in-depth coverage for the most common (and uncommon) issues.

Why Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, Inc.?

There are many insurance providers out there from which to choose. Why work with Connell& Curley? We’re a local company serving local clients. We know the importance of family, community, small business, and budgets. We do everything we can to supply comprehensive coverage with the greatest protections at costs that our customers can bear. But we also believe in capabilities. Our agency works with the best insurance providers in the business, including Hartford, Chubb, and MAPFRE, and others, to ensure coverage at any scale. We also handle all the paperwork when filing your claim. We give you coverage and results in the easy way, taking proactive steps on your behalf, keeping you updated on all changes, and ensuring your satisfaction at every turn to give you the experience you deserve. Every service we offer centers around personalization, support, and safety, and it shows in everything we do. 

Reach Out to Our Trained Insurance Experts

Insurance exists to keep you covered in times of illness, disaster, accident, or conflict. Having lapses in your protection during a critical time can end up potentially costing you tens of thousands of dollars. We invite you to come to see us at our conveniently located office in Natick, MA, or schedule a home visit from us! Our mobile agents are happy to make house calls and bring our exceptional level of service and support right to your door.       

Connell & Curley’s COVID-19 Policy

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, Inc. makes it our mission to keep you safe. That means through our insurance products and every time we visit with you to discuss your options. Our agency follows all CDC mandated guidelines, wear protective clothing, and maintain an appropriate distance during all interactions. Contact us today for your insurance estimate.    

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Problems don’t wait until the moment is right. They don’t sit by until you're ready and financially capable to deal with them. They can happen at any time. Be prepared for them with superior insurance coverage from Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, Inc.! Let us work hard to secure your home, business, or personal belongings and give you the security you want. Contact us today to schedule an insurance service consultation you can depend on.