Consulting Firms/Individuals

Cyber Liability coverage covers the costs to defend and resolve claims with regard to the handling of personally identifiable or confidential corporate information. This protection includes negligence, violation of privacy or consumer protection law, breach of contract and regulatory investigations. Technology E&O which would cover an error in the software that causes financial or economic loss to one of their clients.

Terms include the following:

  • Pioneered standard affirmative breach of contract coverage.
  • Broad intellectual property coverage, including misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Service credits coverage, negligence, and wide vicarious liability coverage for third parties

Covers issues resulting from third party claims:

  • Breach costs
  • Cyber business interruption
  • Data restoration
  • Cyber extortion
  • Media liability

Microelectronics Coverage
Covers failures that require microelectronics to be replaced whether or not such equipment shows signs of physical damage. Triggered when covered equipment suddenly stops functioning as it had been and that equipment or a part containing electronic circuitry must be replaced.

Metal Manufacturing
A building’s boiler dry-fired when a feed-water pipe broke and the low-water fuel cut-off device failed to shut off the boilers burner. Boiler tubes melted and the boiler warped requiring replacement of the boiler.