Technology manufacturing companies rely on key areas of the business to be high performing – speed of product expansion and evolution, as well as, international locations and relationships.

Technology Manufacturing triggers include:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Loss control services
  • Production issues (including foreign manufacturing product quality or delivery issues)
  • Sabotage and/or cyber risks security breaches
  • Research risks and breaches including damage to testing environments
  • Business interruption and revenue loss
  • Transportation delays
  • Governmental requirements or restrictions

Our diverse client base includes:

  • Hardware, components, servers and semiconductor manufacturers
  • Internet: search, auction and advertising companies
  • Software and telecommunications companies
  • Network security organizations
  • Fabless semiconductor
  • IT and other technology supply chain companies
  • Laser optics companies
  • E-business organizations

Microelectronics Coverage
Covers failures that require microelectronics to be replaced whether or not such equipment shows signs of physical damage. Triggered when covered equipment suddenly stops functioning as it had been and that equipment or a part containing electronic circuitry must be replaced.

Metal Manufacturing
A building’s boiler dry-fired when a feed-water pipe broke and the low-water fuel cut-off device failed to shut off the boiler's burner. Boiler tubes melted and the boiler warped requiring replacement of the boiler.