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Many Massachusetts residents have discovered the merits of condo ownership versus renting an apartment or owning a single-family home. You don’t have to worry about maintenance and enjoy access to many community amenities. Condominiums are generally located in desirable locations, close to your city’s entertainment and business districts. For many, condos are more affordable to own than a home, thanks to lower payments and cheaper insurance premiums. Condo insurance works similarly to homeowners’ insurance, protecting you from losses and giving you peace of mind. If you need condo insurance in Natick, MA or a surrounding area, Connell & Curley Insurance Agency has you covered. Reach out to our team to get started with a customized condominium insurance quote today!

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What Is Condo Insurance? What Does It Typically Cover?

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Condo insurance helps protect you from unexpected damage and losses. Most condo owners’ insurance policies cover your personal and building property from damages caused by theft, vandalism, accidental water, fire, lightning, smoke, and windstorms. Condo insurance can also help you cover damage to improvements to your condo, including materials purchased for this purpose, such as new flooring or cabinets. Many condo insurance policies include personal liability and guest medical coverage to help you pay for any legal or medical expenses if a condo guest is injured while on your property.
Personal property coverage helps pay for repair or replacement costs for your belongings, including appliances, furniture, clothing, and electronics. However, there’s a limit on how much you can be reimbursed for damaged or stolen property under your claim. You may need to pay a deductible before your coverage begins, as well as any repair costs that exceed your coverage maximum. We can customize condo insurance to include higher limits on personal property and living expenses reimbursements (should you have to vacate your condo during repairs), flood or earthquake insurance, or personal umbrella insurance for the most comprehensive liability protection.

Why You Should Consider Additional Condo Home Insurance

Although many condo associations have their own insurance coverage, they typically cover the building, common areas (like the elevators, hallways, roof, or lobby), and liability insurance for the association itself. They don’t cover you or your personal property. Having your own condo owners’ insurance coverage is in your best interest, as you’re responsible for repairing damages within your unit and any bodily injury to guests inside your condo. We strongly suggest reading your condo association’s bylaws to understand what’s covered by their policy and what you’re responsible for insuring on your own. For example, some association policies may only cover your unit’s original structure and fixtures.

Choosing Coverage: A Condominium Insurance Coverage Guide

Before choosing condo homeowners’ insurance coverage, evaluate everything inside your condo. Take photos and keep receipts for items whenever possible to prove the value of your items should you ever need to file a claim. When being reimbursed for personal property damage, make sure you understand that it’s usually a depreciated value. However, you can add higher personal property coverage to help cover gaps when repairing or replacing your belongings. One of our experienced insurance agents can help you determine the value of your condo and personal property.
Ask yourself if a standard policy is enough or if you should consider optional coverages to supplement your policy. For example, if you have a ground-level condo unit, you’re more at risk of theft, vandalism, or water damage from units above than a penthouse unit. Should you want to be covered for damages caused by groundwater or sewer backups, flooding, or earthquakes, these are all add-ons not included in most standard policies. When customizing your condo insurance policy with Connell & Curley Insurance Agency, be sure to ask about exclusions and optional coverages. Our friendly, licensed insurance agents are available to answer questions and offer professional advice. You may also view our frequently asked questions for guidance when choosing the best condo insurance for your needs.

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You have many condo insurance companies to choose from in Massachusetts’ MetroWest region. However, you can feel confident when selecting Connell & Curley Insurance Agency. We’ve offered premier insurance services since 1965. You can count on our nearly 60 years of experience to look out for your best interests. We’ve partnered with many of the industry’s leading insurance carriers to offer our customers the most competitive rates. Our highly trained insurance agents go the extra mile to help you find the best insurance coverage for your lifestyle and budget. Personalized attention at every step of the process, from selecting your policy coverages to filing claims, sets us apart from our competitors. Count on us for all your personal and business insurance needs, including the following:

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